Anchored in our mission to enable wellness for all, AMEC is a unique organization that brings together renowned physicians, academics, wellness professionals and scientific experts. It ensures that our research and development are backed by science. Our vetting process is robust and transparent, and our approach to wellness personalized.

AMEC integrates scientific data with daily medical practices, conventional medicine with emerging wellness fields, in order to curate the most effective products, rituals and services.

AMEC develops and recommends wellness solutions based on your lifestyles and wellness objectives. They share their latest insights and medical findings with our community.

AMEC members are passionate about research, innovation and education. They contribute independently to our common objective to improve people’s lives through a curated and effective wellness journey. 

Our Team

portrait of Dr. Alexis Peraino, Board Certified Internist

Dr. Alexis Peraino


Dr. Alexis Peraino is Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the former Chief Resident at Cedars-Sinai Los Angeles. She received the Ben Newman MD Humanitarian Award in 2005 and 2006. Dr. Peraino is passionate about disease prevention, exercise physiology and longevity. She has developed a comprehensive approach to patient care combining preventive care and evidence-based medicine to ensure a balanced lifestyle approach to overall health. She is a frequent lecturer focusing on exercise physiology, nutrition, fitness and preventive care.  In 2015, Dr. Peraino authored a chapter in The Clinician’s Guide to the Treatment of Obesity: Physical Activity and Writing an Exercise Prescription. She is currently a member of the American College of Physicians and was elected to fellowship in January of 2017.  

portrait of Dr. Alexis Peraino, Board Certified Internist

Sarah Moe

Our resident
Sleep Expert

Sarah is a Board Registered Polysomnographic Technologist and the Founder of Sleep Health Specialist, a private practice in Minneapolis that focuses on Sleep Health Education. She services corporate clients and schools to create heathier, happier and more productive teams and individuals. She started her career diagnosing sleep disorders and doing medical research before becoming an Adjunct Professor in the Polysomnography (Sleep Studies) program at Minneapolis College. She leads a monthly live broadcast on WCCO-TV called “Health Watch”, where she discusses current sleep topics like daylight savings time or back-to-school. Her community involvement has earned her various accolades such as Minnesota Business Magazine’s “35 Under 35” 2016, “Most Likely to Succeed- Healthcare Division Finalist” 2017, “Women Who Lead” 2018, the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal’s “Women in Business” 2019, and the Team Women’s “Wave Maker Award-Uncharted Territory Finalist” 2019.  

Wellness Voices

An open forum for diverse voices
to share, collaborate and support wellness for all

Image of Ivonne Harting

Ivonne Harting

Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager (FL), Peer and Family Specialist/Addictions Counselor Candidate/Marriage and Family Therapy Candidate (CO), received a Masters Degree in Psychology with Honors in Venezuela and is pursuing graduate studies in the USA.

Her Mission: Educate everyone about mental health, to help process trauma and provide gender-affirming care.

Her Why: Becoming a mental health therapist and educator was her personal trauma response.

Image of Olajumoke Eva Omiyale

Olajumoke Eva Omiyale

Practicing Labor & Delivery Registered Nurse (RN BSN), Founder of Birthing America Inc, an online educational platform for birthing moms.

Her Mission: educating and empowering pregnant women, to promote their rights and improve the health outcomes of moms and newborns.

Her Why: her education in Nigeria and experience with BIPOC patients motivated her to advocate for more representation in the healthcare system.

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Image of Joy Ruffen

Joy Ruffen

Style & Leadership Consultant, Speaker, TV Host/Podcaster and Executive Producer

Her Mission: to encourage women to make a difference and lead by showing up as their best selves through personal, professional and spiritual development.

Her Why: The love of motivating and inspiring others to grow and soar.


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The AMEC Charter

Review & Guide

  • AMEC supports and validates our standards of manufacturing and quality control.
  • AMEC collaborates with our product development team, labs and manufacturers to design and vet our wellness solutions.
  • AMEC advises on medical research, wellness trends and learnings from their practices.


  • AMEC offers vetted advice that can be trusted and applied to daily wellness practices.
  • AMEC integrates medical research and product development to design customized wellness solutions and rituals.
  • AMEC ensures that science-backed data is pervasive and personalized throughout the wellness journey via our Wellness Navigator.


  • AMEC shares educational content and tutorials with all wellness enthusiasts in our blog library and Wellness Studio.
  • AMEC liaises with industry leaders and academia to gather the latest scientific information.
  • AMEC collaborates with Alurx’ philanthropic and community partners.
  *Alurx compensates AMEC members for their time with a modest stipend or a contribution to their research projects.