The Sleep and Skin Connection

by the Alurx Medical & Medical Council

Do you wake up feeling and looking tired? Dark circles, puffy eyes, sunken cheeks, dryness, and dull or patchy skin are not only skincare concerns but also signs of fatigue and exhaustion. So why are sleep health and skin health so tightly connected? Our circadian rhythm, which regulates our bodies’ activities around the clock, profoundly affects how our skin functions.

Our skin, our largest organ, rejuvenates while we sleep. It does so thanks to increased blood flow, lack of exposure to the outside elements, and natural cellular repair functions at night. Dr. Ilyas also notes that this is when skin is more permeable, making it ideal for your skincare routine to include more potent formulas such as serums, moisturizers, or, if necessary, medication. How can you ensure that you wake up rested and looking refreshed?

First, adjust your skincare routine to include the products you need most before bed. Choose the most nourishing and hydrating formulas to ensure that your skin hydration banks are replenished overnight and that antioxidant ingredients help repair the free radical damage that occurs during the day. Start a simple skincare ritual with Glowing Skin Ritual Set.

Second, supplement your daily evening routine with an overnight mask once or twice a week to soothe any temporary irritation or exposure to too much sun or cold and to help smooth the appearance of fine and dry lines. We recommend the Calming Overnight Gel Mask - Skin Health, which is suitable for all skin types.

Finally, surround your eyes with a silk eye mask’s gentle and cooling feel. Our Silk Eye Mask & Travel Pouch blocks light to signal that it is time to rest but also protects the eye area, which is more susceptible to creases, especially for side sleepers.

So get a good night’s sleep, your skin will thank you.

Healthline - Sleep and Skin Explained

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