3 Things to Celebrate; a Year in Review with Julia Stewart, Founder & CEO of Alurx

Julia Stewart reflects on 2021 at Alurx, the wellness company she founded the previous year. It has come a long way and there is much to celebrate together.

1. How did Alurx start?

First, let’s remember: why did we start a wellness company during the pandemic? To make a difference. As a business leader and corporate CEO, I have spent over 40 years supporting franchisees. They came from all walks of life but shared the common bond of being entrepreneurs. I admired these independent business women and men as we collaborated to build highly successful and profitable brands. I bring the same admiration and leadership spirit to Alurx. It is an opportunity to pursue my personal mission for wellness while solving for the daily dilemma so many consumers face, the quest for healthier living and a more satisfying life. And in the process, we can build a unique, powerful, and profitable brand. How? Alurx is more than a company. It is a platform where we conduct extensive consumer research and a community of wellness experts to bring to life my ‘big idea’ for an all-in-one wellness hub. Every day at Alurx, we are driven by our bold and innovative mission to enable wellness for all.

2. How is it going?

It is truly remarkable what we have been able to accomplish in a short period of time. Last year, we laid the foundation for Alurx with a clear vision, strategy and road map for an all-in-one, wellness hub. Additionally, we soft-launched the e-commerce platform with 22 new products and crafted our brand voice. In 2021, we’ve been intensely focused on expanding our services, deploying our tech platform, and building our community. We established the AMEC (Alurx Medical & Expert Council) to develop and curate our product line-up and education materials. We created the Affiliate & Wholesale Programs and the Wellness Studio to help provide additional income to the wellness and fitness professionals affected by the pandemic.  This fall, we introduced a new line of vitamin gummies and ritual sets to make wellness simple and convenient. All the while, we continue to expand our community and welcome thousands of potential customers to our site every day. 2022 promises to be the year when we achieve even greater milestones. We will launch our newly created App which will help enable behavior modification to achieve wellness goals. We have exciting new content, products, and services to release. And we’ll embark upon entirely new channels of distribution to greatly expand our reach. It is a promising future and an exhilarating path forward for our woman-led start-up.

3.  What matters most to me.

In Alurx, I truly feel I have found my life's calling. My work and life experiences have prepared me for this venture, and I am dedicated to making a difference. Customizing and individualizing the advice and products we offer is key to our strategy. Wellness is multi-dimensional and highly personal. Thanks to new research, we can ensure that it is both inclusive and diverse. During these trying times, I find it extremely gratifying, even humbling when customers write to me to say, "thank you". I know that we are helping them with the most valuable thing in their life - their health and wellness.